Let’s Find “I”

Inspiration, Motivation & Abundance Through Resonance

You are more than a mere body. You are a body that moves and exercises independent volition and intelligent intent. This tells us that your body is not the primary pointer to who you are.

You are Pure Intelligence

You are the sum total of the mind that governs your movement and volition. Without your mind, your life would be non-existent.

With a lower level of mind, you would most likely exist in the vegetative sphere. Imagine being a tree, vegetable, or blade of grass, singing the glory of it’s own beautiful mind into the lively dancing of the wind.

But, who or what is that mind that makes you human? And where did it come from?

The Guru Godfrey blog focuses on studying the mysterious aspects of mind and its secret modes that empower us, on our spiritual quest for freedom and intelligent existence.

The “I” Within – The Spirit of Life Within

We refer to ourselves as “I”. But, that “I” points to the persona or ego that we assume to be our true identity in error.

This search is not a selfish search. It is a spiritual search that leads to growth in more than one direction. Outward and inward. It is a search for that elusive inner “I” – the soul – that is the very root of our being.

Through the pages of this blog, we endeavour to find answers. Our effort is to uncover that mysterious, magical, spark that we call “Soul” which will lead us from existing, to actual living.