About Me

Hello! I am Derek Godfrey, author of the spiritual, self-help, and motivational book: “The PRESENCE Within”. I am owner of the Guru Godfrey blog.

My quest, ever since I could remember was for a scientific understanding of the laws of the Universe and our true purpose in life.

My Spiritual Background

I am strongly convinced that religion is a social engineering program for  training young, impressionable minds into automatic modes of behaviour that conform to the norms of the society in which it has been formulated.

My Search for the Creative Power of Spirit

Not for me, the traditional view forced upon us by religion that this life is meaningless, and that our true purpose in life lies in an improbable existence that lies beyond death. It seemed an onerous and contradictory concept to have to handle. One that threw up more questions as you went along, instead of giving answers.

It didn’t help either, that I was also reading up on psychology and quantum physics. In addition, I was fascinated by the writings on true mysticism by gifted adepts and mystics of ancient and modern times.

My Idea of the True Meaning of Life

In short, I have come to the conclusion that every living creature in this Universe is a highly advanced, marvel of superior bio-engineering technology. The way we have been put together, physically and mentally, strongly hints at an intelligence and technological ability that far surpasses our own by aeons.

We may not be self-created. But, we are created in perfection.

Our intelligence levels and the physical engineering of our bodies may prompt us to consider ourselves as highly advanced, bio-engineered robots with soul. We come with the inbuilt capability to chart our own courses through life, without the need for any external pre-programming to point us to a pre-determined future. In other words, we are born. We live. We learn intuitively and grow. We point ourselves into an unknown future that we determine individually for ourselves.

How we behave and handle ourselves in the societies that we live in, is another pointer to the organisational brilliance of the Universal Intelligence that is so visible everywhere in this world. Every individual in any society is trained through the process of conditioning, in the “Do’s and Don’t’s” of the society he lives in. The terms we use for the training modules are various, such as “schooling”, “religion”, “culture”, “up-bringing”, “society” and so on. You get the picture. In contemporary language, we can group all these under the heading of “intuitive learning processes”. In this way, each individual is systematically conditioned and a database of conventional behavioural processes, as deemed suitable in that society, is installed into him or her.

The whole subject of Artificial Intelligence is one great effort to mimic and reproduce our own natural intelligence.

Guru Godfrey – the Spirituality Blog

The articles presented here seek to examine the singular experience that we call “life”, in all its different modes, forms, and appearances.

You will, perhaps, progress to the powerful realization, too, that Life is absolute, unadulterated intelligence, and love. You are a unique drop of individual intelligence in this vast ocean of Universal Intelligence that we experience all around us.

This Intelligence is you. The love of the Universe can never be against you. This ocean of supreme, Universal Intelligence that you are a part of is ever sensitive to your tiniest heartbeat, and is eager to give you whatever you ask of it.

We are fellow travellers on this glorious journey called life. Some are ahead. Some may be slower. But no one is ever lesser. Or greater. Each one’s experience of the journey will be unique.

Come. Travel with Guru Godfrey. Let us explore varied ideas of life and power in the different pages of this blog.