Why Circumstance is an Illusion that Should Not Rule Your Life

Many of us are not very gifted when it comes to figuring out how to live life on our own terms, to consciously choose happiness over the sorrow and suffering. There is just no logical reason for the wide-spread helplessness and pain that is all too prevalent around us. We are thoroughly confused and find ourselves drifting, much against our will, from one unhappy event in life to another, without the ability to say: “Stop!”.

Also, we may be just too lazy and do not use our native intelligence to think and analyse the causes of our circumstances and how to change them. But mostly, we are victims to our beliefs and dependency on the wrong kind of information that we have stored in our psyches that shape our perception of what is life and how it should be lived.

How Life is Shaped by Choices

You will always be presented with choices in life. This is because you are a super-intelligent, highly efficient, goal-seeking machine. You are an impresive product of a superior and sophisticated technology in bio-engineering, design and performance that is yet to be replicated to any degree of closeness by human intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a pale comparison to the levels of intelligence and performance that you are capable of. Your body and intelligence are meant to function synchronously together, in order to understand, conceive and set mental and physical goals for yourself. And, achieve them, too.

Initially, your primary goals in life were presented to you at the moment of your conception. That was your fractal moment in time, when that spark of supreme intelligence or life was ignited in you to start you off as a unique blueprint that would lead you to yourself in different stages from conception, to the time of your birth and onwards.

You will always be presented with choices in life. This is because you are a super-intelligent, highly efficient, goal-seeking machine.


The fact that you were molded according to a blueprint and presented with the map of life that you would follow, did not mean that your path through life was preordained or that you were not created unique. These were simply the basic, in-built factory-settings that you came with that would help you get through a standard life, even if you did not change or personalise those settings to reflect your own, unique personality.

However, after that initial fractal moment in time that started you off on your journey, you were destined to be presented with a bewildering array of choices at every level of your life – from the simplest to the most complex. These, are what you would call your “fractal moments in chaos”. These moments are different from that first “fractal moment” because that first choice was made at a higher, spiritual level, way above the physical, three-dimensional level that you would be born into. This does not mean that your life or the world is chaos and confusion. Nor does it mean that you create your life out of confusion.

It simply means that the stunning and bewildering array of choices that you may gaze upon in this world are so vast and overwhelming at first glance that it would present a picture of confusion to your smaller, external mind. Your surface mind is just not capable of handling the amount of processing required to examine each and every possibility that exists for every choice that you may need to make. Your brain would never be able to generate the amount of power needed to support your external or objective mind in examining it all.

Karma and You

Every choice that is presented to you is a complete set of inbuilt scenarios, complete and perfect in every simulation of the joys and sorrows of life contained within it. What you choose to experience will depend on your own unique circumstances at that moment. You have arrived at those circumstances in that moment as a result of your past series of choices. Hence, in that moment, you are a sum total of your past decisions and experiences, including the environment you were raised in and the teachings or philosophies that you imbibed along the way.

Again, this present moment in time might be described as your “karma”, since it is the result of your past decisions and actions that have brought you to this point in time, where yet another bewildering set of choices are presented to you. But, the beauty of this is that your “karma” has only been responsible for bringing you to this point in time. It may only have an effect on your future in the choices that you choose to make now, if you continue to depend on the same decisions that you made in the past that have brought you to this moment in time. “Karma” can only shape the results of your decisions after they have been set into action because a fractal is merely a simple pattern or simple piece of code that once activated, will run on its own, in an indefinite loop that can stretch into infinity, Your “karma” is the result of your past choices. It cannot shape your future because it has done its work already.getting more and more complicated at every subsequent level.

Your “karma” is the result of your past choices. It cannot shape your future because it has done its work already.

The Power of Fractals and How They Touch Our Lives

However, you would also have noticed in your own life that this little, simple piece of code can be rather persistent at the most inconvenient of times. They can become pesky little devils that are difficult to dislodge, despite your best efforts. The more misfortunate you consider your life to be at those times and the unhappier that you become, they seem to be able to carry it just that little bit further and present you with even more unhappiness to deal with.

The reason for this is that fractals work with patterns of similarities that can be shuffled around, multiplied and rearranged endlessly in myriads of combinations and permutations. Most of all, they are interactive and display their intensity and character based on the emotions you pour into them. In fact, the stronger the emotions, the more acute the patterns become. If you are pleased by the scenario you are observing, you end up seeing more of the same. The reverse is also true, if you are negatively motivated by the observation. Especially when driven by negativity, they become overbearing to the point where you seem to become mesmerised by them. You just cannot take your attention away from them, as much as you try. The world is well aware of the power of negative fractals, though ignorant of the cause. Hence, you have old sayings passed down from generation to generation, similar to this one that is specifically reserved to describe those times in life when problems seem to rain down on you, with a vengeance: “It never rains, but it pours.”

But, it is your focus on the negativity of the pattern that causes you to generate the emotion of dislike that then transmutes into the deeper emotions of worry, fear, disgust. And these finally lead to hopelessness; sometimes death. In the worst case scenario, fear causes your brain to freeze up. You are unable to think clearly or reach for another liberating thought. You then become your own victim.

Since “karma” is the result of an exercise in choice, it would be foolish to say that we have no control over our actions. Rather, it would be more useful for us to seek more knowledge in order to be able to make intelligent choices over the thought patterns that we choose to run in our minds, so that we replace any negative patterns with positive and happy patterns of joy and abundance and live life the way it was meant be lived.

The Power of Exclusion – Achieving Without Action

The silver-lining here is that no matter how tough or hopeless the situation may seem in your life at any given time, you always have a choice. The right choice is not in disliking what you see. Rather, it is just the opposite. It lies in ignoring what you see that upsets you and focusing your attention solely on that which you would like to see that would make you happy. Exclusion is the key to change. To ignore an idea is to cease giving life to it. The only way to ignore an idea is to replace it with another that is more deserving of your attention. In that way, the first idea retreats into nothingness and loses its power over you.

It is not as if this knowledge is not already available to us. It has been available to us for many generations since the time our early ancestors first started reaching out into the cosmos for information and knowledge that would help them understand their lives better.

The laws of mathematics and physics clearly tell us that in the realm of matter or on the physical plane, force or resistance is the key to destroying an object. That is, if you wish to destroy a physical object such as a building, you would need to apply a level of force or resistance that is greater than the resistance offered by that building. In other words, on the physical plane, an active level of thought or effort, or force is required to make a change.

To ignore an idea is to cease giving life to it.


But, on the spiritual plane or the plane of thought and ideas, a passive effort will bring desired results. Force, on the mental plane, has a life-giving effect. The more resistance that you offer an idea, the stronger it becomes. The only way to kill an idea is to push it into the darkness of oblivion by exclusion or not giving it attention.

History is full of evidence of great ideas that became unstoppable because of the strong levels of resistance that were initially poured into annihilating them. But that resistance only served to include it strongly into the world of existence and wash up a great body of support that further carried those ideas from strength to strength till they changed the world. Mahatma Gandhi’s concept of “non-resistance” proved its value against the mightier “resistance” that he faced for his efforts. The idea he floated received so much resistance that it ultimately became a veritable tsunami of human emotion that no force could stop.

Pain as Catalyst for Growth

Once your awareness awakens to the fact that the responsibility for the way that you live your life is yours alone, you will quickly learn to take control, so that you may live life on your own terms.

Whatever may be a source of great discomfort and anguish to you at the present moment, dear reader, know that you are not alone in that pain. We all have aspirations and desires. Hence, we all have pain to deal with at any given stage in our lives. But aspirations and desires require room in your life to grow because they are always bigger than what you are when you conceive them. And growth is a stretching process that always produces pain. But pain also develops strength and character and a sense of understanding that is required to accommodate your desires and aspirations, once they enter your life.

So, when you see pain and undesirable circumstances in life, be happy. You don’t have to be happy in a welcoming sort of way. No. Just be happy for the important fact that because you are able to see the unhappy circumstances around you, that they are now already in the past. What you are seeing is a confirmation of the fact that they are already out of your life. Hence you are able to see them. Ignore them by focussing on that which you hope for. It is not an easy process. You will have to put in much effort. No matter how uncomfortable it may seem, know that it is past, that it has already fallen away and that what you desire is now about to enter your life.

Keep up the strong, positive expectation that you already have what you want. Many self-help gurus recommend that you use the emotion of gratitude to reinforce that impression of already having that which you have asked for or hope for. This is the correct way to move ahead. Do not fall into the trap of wrong thinking by trying to measure the progress you have made towards your goal by judging your circumstances or being critical of them. When you judge or analyse, you are resisting. And what you resist, you include and perpetuate. It’s as simple as that.

The simple, rule here then, is: give life to your goal and only to your goal. Focus only on that which is important to you. Do not give attention to anything that does not add value to your goal. Focus on your goal in all its perfection, thereby shutting out every other consideration that does not belong there to spoil that perfection in any way.

Finally, the thought to take away from all of the above is that the universe is a profound marvel of science and technology that far transcends all that we may know or perceive about intelligence and the various branches of scientific knowledge that have gone into its creation. In its simple yet elegant magnificence, it openly displays the precise attention to every law of physics, mathematics, geometry and more – much more, than we can imagine at our present stage of spiritual evolution and growth.

Focus only on that which is important to you.


If that is the level of intelligence that has been invested into the creation of the universe, then you, dear reader, have much more intelligence in you and at your effortless disposal than you credit yourself with.

This is the thought that should always be with you, especially in those all-too-frequent moments of helplessness.

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