The Amazing Truth About Man – Physical Form Or Formless Spirit?

The mind of man seems quite oblivious to its own power and identity. Surprisingly, it is the sophistication of this mind power that he is blessed with and its unbelievable potential that forms the center of life and consciousness in man. And yet, that very mind is blissfully unaware of its true identity and potential for tremendous power.

The working of the human mind is a surprisingly well-kept secret from most, considering that numerous scientific studies into its working have resulted in well-documented evidence of its power and influence in every aspect of life in the human race. Yet, humans are unable to grasp their true spiritual or mental identity beyond their physical form.

We Believe in God – But We Don’t Know Who He Is

We say we believe that god is spirit. Yet we create and worship lifeless figures and forms that we call ‘god’ in an effort to bring Him within the bounds and limitations of physical form. We also fail to see the foolishness of the fact that we, in our frail and helpless physical form or bodies are unable to help ourselves or see the incredible power that lies in the mind we possess. How could a lifeless image or form, even if we decide to call him ‘god’, be any more powerful than us? We even go so far as to ignore the fact that we have ‘life’ that is so clearly visible in us as the power of the mind and the power of imagination, which the image does not possess.

While this is truly a gigantic shame and a gross waste of great potential, the situation is not entirely hopeless. The time has now come for humanity to shed its ignorance, take hold of its true heritage of creative power and proceed to create a magnificent world of which, they would truly be ‘Master’.

Subconscious Mind – The Paradox of Life

The greatest paradox of life is that we see god every day, in our lives. Yet, we do not recognize him.

The truth is that instead of trying to drag god down to our level, we need to shed our fear of the ‘limitless’ that lies in the power of the subconscious mind. We need to remove the boundaries and limitations that we set up around ourselves through the negative use of mind power. We need to understand that like any known machine or energy, mind, too, functions according to certain rules or laws. We need to understand these laws and let the creative force of ‘mind’ break free, to move upwards, so that we may be truly one with our real identity as ‘spirit’. As formless ‘spirit’ we are pure mental energy or mind power.

Are We Afraid to Believe We Are Perfect?

According to the Bible, we are told that we are made in the image of God. Now, an image is supposed to be an exact replica or reflection of the real thing. Thus, if we are an image of god – and God definitely does not have a physical body – it follows logically that we should also be blessed with similar qualities of mind and spirit, albeit to lesser extent, in keeping with the boundary of physical form that we are enclosed in.

Yet we are afraid to believe that we are creators and that we are powerful on account of the subconscious mind that is within us.

You may even go on ask, “If God is spirit, then how are we supposed to be created in His image, when we are bound by this physical form?”

Good question!

Between physical form and formless spirit there certainly seems to be hardly any connection at all.

But, this kind of a seeming inconsistency can only occur if we consider ourselves to be merely body and nothing more. However, if we consider ourselves to be ‘mind’, as well as body, then it is not difficult to perceive ourselves as being spirit-like.

Your True Identity is Mind Power

The world would have us believe that we are merely human and therefore, prone to every kind of weakness imaginable. In this scenario, physical form becomes superior to formless spirit or mind. But then, that is only because we are using a faculty of lower mind that is in itself limited and bound to the flesh.

Perception or external mind is the culprit here. It is bound to the 5 physical organs of sensory perception and hence cannot see beyond external surfaces or appearances.

We are happy to acknowledge that we are blessed with the faculty of mind . Yet, when we visualize ourselves, we strongly identify ourselves with the body or physical form and not with mind. In other words, we attach our mind to our body and instead of believing that the body merely serves as an attachment or vehicle for the mind, as it should be.

In order to stimulate greater achievement in our lives and to rise above the limited faculty of the external or objective mind that we are so dependent on, we would first need to understand the true scope of that powerful tool that we call ‘mind’. It is not just ‘objective mind’ or ‘external mind’ that merely controls our bodies and appetites. It also consists of a deeper, greater, lesser-known entity that we call ‘the subconscious mind’.

Your True Mental Identity Brings Freedom

The first step towards freedom and a life of real power is to know that your true identity is as ‘mind’. But, the real extent of mind is not just ‘external’ mind. Your ‘external’ mind is estimated to be a mere 10 percent of your consciousness or experience. Your mind also contains a vast and mysterious ocean of power that we call ‘subconscious’ mind.

The body is only a convenient physical form or vessel that is meant to house your mind and the unique personality that that is attached to it. The mind functions as a convenient, highly-sophisticated, super-intelligent interface between the world of spirit and that of form, for as long as it is required during your presence on the plane of the physical.

The fact that you are at this blog just now is no coincidence. It is the power of your subconscious mind that has brought you here. Your subconscious mind has merely responded to your deep, inner desire for more information on the spiritual mysteries of life that you have been searching for and has responded by unerringly guiding you here.

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