You Are Already a Creator

You are already creating your reality.

It’s a different story that you are unable to control this faculty. You are unable to deliberately create that which you desire. But, the ability to create is there. You are using it already.

The problem is not that you cannot create. The problem is that it functions in auto mode just now and you are unable to deliberately create what you would like to have in your life.

Examine the thoughts that you habitually think. You will see that what you think about yourself and your surroundings is what you already see around you.

What you accept to be truth, what you believe to be true about your existence, is what is already shaping your life. You are already creating. Your creative forces are already in very good working order. The mechanism is working perfectly. Nothing wrong there.

So what IS wrong? And where?

Perhaps you are setting the wrong goals? Maybe even accepting myths as truth?

Once again, examine the reality around you. Take a long, hard look at the circumstances that you find yourself in.

Know that the circumstances you see around yourself are the sum total of the beliefs that you hold deep within yourself. You will soon see the relationship between your circumstances and the beliefs you hold dear. You may also soon see how you need to work on what you accept to be true for yourself. What you currently hold to be absolute truth may not actually be the right truth to hold on to, if what you want to achieve is something totally different.

Let your intelligence show you where your belief patterns are actually working against you. Once you are able to see where you are hurting yourself, you are then ready to let go. You will not want to focus on them any longer. Release them.

Instead, focus strongly on what you want. Never mind that your current environment might be the very picture of chaos and failure. Looking at your circumstances will only confirm to you the absolute futility of what you are striving to achieve. But, don’t let it get you down. In fact, don’t even give your present circumstances any thought. Remember, that what is in existence around you is already on its way out since you are now focusing on a new set of circumstances for yourself.

To take note of existing circumstances is to hold onto them and prolong their existence.

Instead, focus calmly and with determination on the ideal that you hold in your mind’s eye knowing that it has to come your way. This is the way of faith.

You build faith by expressing a continued belief in your ideal. Persevere in your effort to strengthen that ideal. Faithfulness is the key to strength in any relationship. Remember that you are building a new relationship with your higher self or higher intelligence. Perseverance will build and strengthen your faith in your ability to deliberately manifest into existence whatever you want from life.

But how does all this work?

It helps to know a little bit about how we think and process information received from our environment. The brain receives information about our surroundings through the 5 senses of the body. These are nothing more than sensors that work to collect information about our external environment and relay it to the brain where it is processed or analyzed by mind.

This is the perceptive mode of mind. It perceives life as it occurs.

In this mode of operation, mind works more as an observer, reacting with joy or sadness or whatever emotion is called into play by what it sees. It can only process information about something that has already happened or is already in existence. So, if circumstances are something that already exist then you cannot control it. It is somewhat like looking backwards or into the past. You can only react to it. In reacting to circumstances, too, you can actually only choose how to react. You cannot do more than that.

Hence, we have the well-known prayer from St. Francis that says: ‘Lord, grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change…’

But, the good news is that mind can also function in another mode that is very similar in nature i.e., it can imagine or visualise or see something that does not already exist. What it imagines or visualizes is more like seeing a movie in your head. It is not actually happening in your life, yet.

We don’t really know much about this mode of operation or function of mind. What we do know is that both these functions of mind cannot operate simultaneously. So, you can either perceive life as it is happening, in a state of wide awake awareness, looking outwards. Or you can detach yourself from the world, shut off your dependence on the 5 senses and go inwards, into a state of reverie or imagination. You cannot do both, together because both modes utilize the brain differently.

This is the state of mind that most creative people tend to go into when they are composing music, writing a book, painting or simply doing whatever it is that they love.

At our present level of knowledge, the world assumes that the faculty of imagination serves no practical purpose in the outer world. Everybody knows that it exists and we all make use of it frequently. However, very few people are actually aware of the great power that comes with its use. Even science is only just beginning to have glimpses of insight into its working.

We almost all believe that imagination is a creative faculty of mind. But that’s as far as it goes. We cannot really comprehend what is actually creative about it other than its ability to visualize or to produce music, art or other abstract expressions of genius.

We presently believe that whatever we imagine, some physical action also has to be taken in order to help it become an expression in the outer world. We have designers that come up with designs and we have workers that execute those designs into physical reality through the work of their hands or through some form of human or mechanical labor.

Now that we have seen the differences between perception and imagination, we realize that perception, since it can function only on the level of physical existence, is actually a faculty of the relative realm. Perception can only help you see what you have already created. The mind receives information in the form of external stimuli, analyses it and relates to it in the form of a chosen reaction.

Imagination, on the other hand, takes you into the realm of the absolute. It creates a picture of perfect potential. The potential has no relationship to external circumstances that may already be in existence. But, the fact that we can imagine a set of circumstances means that it has potential to become that in the outside world. Imagination can help you create what you want.

The major problem we face here is not about its existence. Rather, the problem is that our understanding of its scope and power is very limited. We do not understand how it works. We do not understand how powerful it is or what are the limits of its action.

When we try to understand it through the use of the faculty of perception we underrate its powerful nature. We mistakenly conclude that a physical action has to be taken in order to complete the power of imagination. What we do not yet understand is that the only effort that is required of us is single-minded focus in holding that picture of perfection in mind. We need to faithfully believe in the power of that potential to manifest in our lives in complete perfection.

The fact we should keep in mind is that imagination can be used to help us see the ideal situation that we would like to experience. Ideal is none other than perfection, itself. So, imagination can help us aim for perfection.

Jesus is clear that it requires no great effort on our part to utilise this power of mind to create whatever we desire. He tells us: “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” – Matthew 21:22

All that he is saying here is that we need to believe that there is power to create in the imaginative mode of mind, if we wish to achieve what we desire.

This effort in visualizing a picture of perfection makes up our first, tiny little steps towards controlling our circumstances and deliberately creating or manifesting what we want in life rather than helplessly accepting what we do not want.

Do keep in mind that only the power of imagination can help you create a different reality from that which you have already. Imagination is the creative mode of mind.

When you doubt, it should be immediately clear to you that you have fallen from the creative mode of mind to the lower, non-creative, reactive, perceptive mode of mind. You obviously cannot be the master of your destiny in this mode of mind.

The only reason you find it difficult to create perfection for yourself is because you are weighed down by the burden of that which is in existence around you already. You are dwelling in the past. Your past experiences will almost always tend to box you in and limit your choices for the future. You tend to judge possibilities in the future by comparing it with similar experiences from your past. In effect, when you try to achieve something that belongs in the future, you are actually looking to the past to help you succeed.

In simpler terms: you desire to move forward into the future but your orientation and focus is set in the past. Can you see the absurdity and the impossibility of what you are trying to achieve? Is it any wonder then that you find it impossible to accept new ideas?

It is a known fact that people always resist change; sometimes aggressively. The reason is that it may be in total opposition to the set of stored beliefs that they hold within their minds as experience. Even common terminology in language points to this mind-set. When someone is considering the possibility of success or failure of some endeavor, he is most likely to start his sentence with the words: “My experience tells me…”

The past is commonly accepted as proven reality. Thus, every desire or action taken for the future is first measured up against your past. This is what one would call conditioning. The whole focus of our conditioning weighs heavily on the side of non-belief and non-creation.

If you are relying on past experience to judge your ability to bring into reality something that you have never seen before, is it any wonder then that you are plagued by doubts and uncertainties concerning your success? Remember that experience is an essential tool of lower mind. But lower mind belongs to the realm of the relative. Lower mind cannot create because it is not absolute. It can only observe, analyze and react with the appropriate physical action when a set of circumstances are already in existence and hence, in the past.

And since that which you desire is not yet a visible reality within the range of your physical vision or your eyes, you find it difficult to believe in the reality of its potential. This is the fault of perception or lower mind that you are relying on.

Pretty much of a Catch 22 situation, wouldn’t you say?

I trust you now see the need to move out of lower mind into the higher field of intelligence, if you wish to create confidently and successfully. You have to rely on intelligence to first inform you that you cannot create something new, if you are going to rely on past experience and old mind patterns. Intelligence will also tell you that every new moment possesses the potential for absolute perfection. Hence, to try and tie it to everything that you experienced in the past is neither logical nor sensible.

The Bible has some very useful advice for us when it tells us: “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. “ – Romans 12:2

The pattern of this world is none other than that which is in existence already; and that which is generally accepted as fact.

Rather, be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Use the higher faculty and superior processing power of your mind-field of intelligence to create a new experience of reality for yourself. The old mind-set can never give you a new experience.

Let your life be renewed and transformed by thinking intelligently.

Create by Design

Aim for perfection. PERFECTION is absolute. It leaves no room for doubt. Anything less is RELATIVE. Anything relative is inclusive. You don’t want to include your doubts and fears in your result. Also, relative means that you are thinking with perceptive mind or lower mind. Lower mind cannot create. Only absolute mind or the field of higher intelligence can create.

In order to achieve perfection in the result you desire, you first have to believe that the desired perfection exists.

You then express your faithfulness to that perfection by shutting out any thoughts of anything less than the perfection you desire.

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