Good Health, Prosperity & Well Being are Universal Rights

At Guru Godfrey, we believe that protecting all forms of life, both animate and inanimate, is a sacred duty. In so doing, we can ensure that our planet remains a beautiful home for many more generations in the future.
We also believe that good health and well-being is the birthright of every human being. But, the only way we can achieve good health and well-being is by living in harmony with Nature and her laws. And that definitely requires us to use our natural intelligence.
We have learned to believe that mind is the medium through which we create and live our lives. The faculty of mind is the most impressive tool that we have at our disposal to shape the way we live our lives.
And so, we offer a variety of resources for those who would like to explore the fascinating realm of mind:
  • Mindset training: Develop the right mindset for a positive shift in your circumstances.
  • Life coaching: One-on-one support helps you train your mind and build self-confidence. Additionally, you attract good health and pleasant circumstances.
  • Online courses: We empower you with the mental skills you need for getting your life back on track.