How to End Negative Thought Patterns and Supercharge Your Life

Do you ever wish that you could wave a magic wand and change your circumstances? You actually have that power already. You just don’t know it yet. In this article you will learn how the power of mind is actually the force behind the law of creation.

Most religions give us only veiled indications about how we may achieve some semblance of control over our lives and circumstances. Sadly, these are quickly hidden from general view and study by over-zealous teachers of religion.

John 5:19 (NIV) – Jesus gave them this answer: “Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does.”

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The above verse from the Bible is such a beautifully simple, yet powerful, statement of hidden, profound, indisputable truth from none other than the great Master, himself.

The Master is reinforcing here the fact that “thought” is a creative energy from which all “creation” must begin. He likens the relationship between “creation” and the originating “thought” as that between a “son” and “father”. By using the parent-child relationship, he at once establishes the sequence of dependency and importance between the two states and the binding nature of family that links them together.

Truly the “son” can do nothing by himself because a “reflection” cannot exist without the “source” that projects it. “Circumstances” cannot exist unless a “thought” has visualised it. A “tree” cannot exist unless a “seed” gives it life.

This is an incredibly simple statement of the proper sequence of the law of creation. The thought is the “father”. It is the blueprint or the template for the result. The “son” or “circumstance” is thus a faithful rendering or reflection of the thought. Anything that is not already contained in the original thought, cannot be reflected by the “son”. And so, “the Son can do nothing by himself”.

To examine the same idea in reverse, we may say that you can identify “a tree by it’s fruit”. Because a fruit is the container of the seed and the seed will always be an exact replica of the original “seed” from which the tree has sprung to life.

The Law of Creation is Infallible

The most important point that is being hammered home in the words above is that “thought” and “creation” have to exist together. They are the two sides of the same coin. If you set a “cause” in motion, then it has to end as a “result”. You cannot have one without the other.

The lesson to be learned here is that we must not concern ourselves with the “reflection” or result of that which we desire in our lives. The working of the law guarantees us a result. It has to come. We need to focus only on having a strongly affirmative and perfect thought of our desire.

To be doubtful that the result may not follow is to fall prey to our ignorance about the working of the law. This is a grievous mistake because the law cannot be changed or altered by what we think of it. It will continue to function the way it is meant to.

Hence, our doubts, fears and imperfect perceptions will also be added to and incorporated into the result. We will then see a result that is something horribly deformed and totally different from that which we imagined we would like to have in the first instance of the desire.

Our Ignorance Causes Pain

The sad fact is that most of humanity is woefully blind to the existence of this basic law of mind that creates our lives and circumstances for us. We are so uninformed that we attribute the cause of our circumstances to a fickle fate or a cruel, rigid destiny outside of ourselves that we have no control over. In this manner, we perpetuate our experience of being on an uncontrollable roller-coaster ride through life.

There is an anonymous, tongue-in-cheek attempt to the describe the impossibility of our situation that is popularly referred to as the “definition of insanity”. It goes like this: “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” With every new desire that springs up in our hearts, we continue to flounder in crippling doubt and torture ourselves about the uncertainty of the result, always hoping to somehow reach a new horizon that exists nowhere in our thought.

Thus it is that we are told that the ‘son’ “can do only what he sees his Father doing”. Every circumstance in your life is a perfectly faithful reproduction of the law. It can only reflect what you mentally feed it. Nothing more; nothing less.

Knowledge is the End of Pain

But there is hope. If you would take the trouble to understand how the law works, you are then in a position to work with it for consistently beneficial results, instead of hurting yourself by working against it.

A similar example that we are all familiar with in today’s world is that of the “computer”. Almost the first defining quality of the computer that we get acquainted with is reflected in the oft-repeated phrase: “Garbage in; garbage out”. This is a fitting description of the law of mind, too. What you feed it is exactly what you get back from it.

Universal Intelligence is Creative Energy

Universal Intelligence means exactly what it says: that intelligence is universal; that it is one, but it exists everywhere. Like the wind, it cannot be seen. We can only see or experience the effect of its action around us and in our lives. It is the same intelligence that powers our minds in the form of the thoughts we think. The “son” has no life of its own. It is merely a reflection of the unseen, life-giving force of the thought behind it: the “father”.

You must hold strongly, faithfully and single-mindedly to the “ideal thought” of that which you desire. You may then rejoice in the magic you see in your life.

We see that the law is none other than the creative energy of Universal Intelligence or “God” that works through us. We are co-creators with Universal Intelligence. Universal Intelligence does not judge us. It faithfully reproduces whatever we ask of it. It is for us to use the power of universal intelligence to improve our understanding of how it works. If the law faithfully gives back to us exactly what we ask for, then the responsibility is solely ours to stop doubting and to faithfully expect to receive exactly what we ask for.

Like Intelligence, Knowledge is Universal

Every religion teaches us that if we would like to see the glory and perfection of universal intelligence in our lives, then we have to maintain a positive attitude. Every thought that we think must be strong, powerful and affirmative. As mentioned earlier, a negative attitude will only churn out negative thoughts.

The Science Behind the Law of Creation

Ancient vedic science prescribes rituals and pujas that must follow strict rules of progression that literally work at the energetic levels of the universe to produce miracles. For instance vedic traditions demand that a puja or worship ceremony must begin with the breaking of a coconut. However, it is stressed that this simple act be accompanied by a strong and powerful sense of intent. This means that the “intention” to achieve the result hoped for is of the highest importance. The intention has to be “pure”, that is, pertaining to the main aim and not polluted by any doubts or other considerations.

We Are Energy Centres

Vedic science believes that at the level of our DNA, we are pure pulsating, vibrating centres of energy broadcasting out into an ocean of electro-magnetic energy that forms the matrix for the existence of the universe and all forms of life within.

The power of intention lies in its ability to enhance the flow of scalar energy produced by the body via the DNA and transmit it into universal field of the ether. The results are then transmitted back to our consciousness through the same channels.

It is not necessary for us to know exactly how the process works in order for us to be able to use it. It is only important to know that every thought we think, must be perfectly focused and uncluttered within itself, free from unrelated and extraneous elements that dilute its character. Thereafter, Faith in the infallible nature of the law will allow it to complete its work.

We have to consciously work to be perfect in the thoughts we output, to see perfection reflected back in our circumstances.

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